Wireless Music Sync with Amarok 1.4

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The great thing about Amarok 1.4.x is that you can configure pretty much anything as a media device to sync music files. I know Amarok 1.4 is old news if you're running KDE4, but I still like it much better than 2.0 mainly 'cause you can't do this stuff any more!

This is how I got it to work with my Pre:


  • Pre with SSH and SFTP installed, and connected to WIFI
  • Host computer running Linux, Amarok 1.4.x, and SSHFS
  • User on host computer must be member of 'fuse' group
  • You'll have to update your configuration if the IP of your Pre changes


  • Does not transfer cover art.

//Note: If the Pre is on battery, the SSH connection will lost when the display goes to sleep. Do this while the Pre is charging for best results.//

== Instructions To do this, you will use your non-root user. The first step will ensure that you can write to the USB Drive partition on the phone as the non-root user you created when you enabled the Optware Package Feed.

1. Follow the instructions here, including the optional step for password-less login.

2. Create a folder called 'music' in the USB portion of the Pre.

3. Create a mountpoint at ~/.mnt/pre on your host machine:

mkdir ~/.mnt/pre

4. Open Amarok, go to Settings > Configure Amarok and select "Media Devices".

5. Add a new media device using the "Generic Audio Player" plugin.

6. Name your device "Palm Pre" and add the path: /home/<YOUR_USERNAME>/.mnt/pre

7. Configure the device with the following options:

  • Pre-connect command:
sshfs -p 222 <preuser>@<IP_ADDR_OF_PRE>:/media/internal/music /home/<HOST_PC_USER>/.mnt/pre
  • Post-disconnect command:
fusermount -u /home/<HOST_PC_USER>/.mnt/pre

8. Reboot the Pre and you should be able to connect to it in Amarok under "Media Devices".

9. Make sure you disconnect the Pre after you're done transferring songs to it, and likewise transfer all songs before disconnecting the Pre from your wireless network.

Possible Issues

  • Transferring files after the Pre has become disconnected could result in the mountpoint being not empty, which prevents the Pre from being mounted by Amarok. If this happens, simply empty the mountpoint at ~/.mnt/pre on your host computer.
  • If the Pre is running on battery, it sleeps frequently, breaking the SFTP connection. This will cause file transfers to fail.