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I saw your comment about the OMAP3 boot recovery not working with the Pixi. With its Qualcomm MSM7627 I didn't expect it to work unfortunately, but am wondering if a similar tool exists that will work with the Pixi. I have a Pixi which won't boot. It doesn't even allow me to go into USB recovery mode using the standard hold volume up + insert USB cable technique. Thanks.

Peef: The Pixi has a Qualcomm MSM7627 core rather than the Texas Instruments OMAP3430 that's in the Pre. My experience is that it's much easier to get information and tools from TI than it is from Qualcomm. I'm sure there is similar functionality, but until someone discovers the tool for loading boot code over USB, this is not possible. The only other way would be to crack it open and use JTAG, which is a whole other can of worms. Historically Qualcomm is very secretive and will not even give out datasheets on things unless you are a bigshot carrier who has signed many NDA's and have their secret police following you around 24/7. I recommend you sell it on ebay as a "parts only" phone. Someone will want the LCD or other parts.

onlinesending: How does one go about editing the NVRAM tokens? Apparently it's not as easy as editing them in /tmp/tokens. Also do you know the PN of the Sprint Pixi and Verizon Pixi Plus?