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Awesome! Maybe include a link to your backup script? I'll be happy to provide hosting if you don't have anything else handy.

I wanted to upload the perl scripts to extract the token blob to a directory and build the token blob from a directory and one to update the token blob inside the NVRAM partition, but the wiki does not like perl scripts. I will upload them somewhere and provide links as soon as possibile. Yet, the format of the NVRAM area and the Tokens blob are very simple, so the code is trivial.

There's also the "token" command that palm uses (/sbin/tokens):

root@palm-webos-device:/var/home/root# tokens -h

tokens - used for listing and editing tokens

  --help                 Print this help output
  --list                 List all tokens in the system
  --remove <token>       Remove the given token from the system
  --mount                Mount the tokens into the filesystem
  --device <dev>         Use the specified device path

I guess I should probably add this to the Wiki as well.