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Command Line Instant Multi Messanger "climm"

Climm is a very simple and portable Instant Messanger. It has been ported to various systems. To get a better overview take a closer look on the Climm Homepage
Climm is supporting the ICQ and Jabber protocol.


To use climm you need to have access to the command line (application:Terminal). Install it with
ipkg-opt install climm
sadly a missing dependency prevents climm from starting, so in the next step, you need to install libtasn1 with
ipkg-opt install libtasn1


Run climm by opening a Terminal and run
On the first startup climm asks you about the details of your ICQ / Jabber accounts. The config file is located in ~/.climm/climmrc if you want to edit your details later.

Climm logs in automatic to your account and stores your password in the config file. To send a message type
msg Nickname Hello world
To write another message to the same friend use a .
To find out who is online simply type
To quit type
Please read the manual on The climm projects homepage to find out about more functions.


Known Issues

Climm sometimes shows just empty user lists. To fix this, type

  • type "optconnection obeysbl on wantsbl on"
  • type "contact upload"
  • type "save"
  • type "quit" and restart climm

have fun.