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As of 1.2.1 the changes mentioned in the page are already included but disable by a nasty little "return" at the beginning of the orientationChanged method.

Here are the new procedure to enable pdfviewer's built-in change of orientation:

1. Run cd /usr/palm/applications
2. Run tar tzf
3. Edit
4. look for the orientationChanged: (line 221 in 1.2.1) and remove the return; at the beginning of the method
   orientationChanged: function(orientation) {
      return;                // <--- remove that line
      if (this.currentOrientation === orientation)
5. Save the changes
6. [Re]start the pdfviewer and voila!

Note - comment by dbtrade :I had to use: tar xzf

In order for the tar file to actually extract the files''