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I think we should start working on this. Users can copy a single openvpn.conf file that also has the certificates public/private and dh within the .conf text file. the file could be sent over dropbox, or over WOQI.. then we can just patch up the homescreen->VPN with our stuff. re: DNS, that has been fixed if not in the nslug2 repos, i will patch it.

This works (cool!), but DNS from server DHCP options doesn't get set. And WebOS has a dizzying array of resolv.conf files (/etc, /tmp, /var/run, /var/run/ppp) which it swaps around or modifies depending on which network connection(s) are active. Also it uses dnsmasq. In short, I couldn't even figure out how to manually set DNS to my internal, over-the-VPN servers. --T3rmin 03:39, 9 August 2009 (UTC)

who created the binary and where can I get the sources for it? --hertzi 13:14, 28.03.2010