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Its seems like this method of "skinning" could be simplified and applied to all applications. Obviously I dont think we are at the point of changing the themes live from within the phone, but until then there could at least be a directory hosted that has app skins, or maybe use the quilt directory.

If the default skin was included with all the user created skins, all you would need to do is tar up the skins, and extract them into the directory overwriting the existing png files. Users could then grab the default from the site if they want to revert. essentially cuts the time, and ease down to 2 commands. copy the tar to / and extract. Done. The best part is you could apply this to files other than png's too. Say you wanted to make a skin for the mail app that changes the app colors to dark shades with a white or light colored font, you could override the existing files ( js, css, xml, etc).

The only conflict i see is if you get into the realm of multiple patches for the same app that touch the same file. Does quilt manage this/have some kind of smart merge functionality?

WebOS 1.2

What has changed in the dialer themes in WebOS 1.2? If you use any of the previous themes, when you go to the phone call list, the fader is incorrect; however, none of the sizes changed, and looking at the images, I can't see what the changed entailed; however, they now don't work correctly. Anyone have any clues?

--Herb 18:52, 29 September 2009 (UTC)