Running webOS in QEMU

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QEMU is an emulator that will allow testing changes to webOS without loading them onto the Pre. The Palm webOS SDK emulator is not based on QEMU. Even if someone were to have the SDK, which no one participating in this community does, the emulator still could not legally be distributed. Let's try to get this working ourselves. The following is some information found about QEMU and the OMAP34xx processor which the Pre uses:

Latest Status:

Aside on WebOS SDK emulator, 2010

The emulator that comes with the WebOS SDK is based on Sun VirtualBox, which is based on QEMU. The emulator is emulating an X86 and the Linux version that it runs the WebOS on is also x86 linux. Proof: vmware-mount an ~/.VirtualBox/Harddisks vmdk image (which comes with the SDK/emulator) and run 'file' on the stuff in /mnt/bin.