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I have succsefully installed and configued rTorrent.


1. Portal:Accessing Linux

2. Next steps

3. Tutorials Linux DDNS for EVDO

If you have the prerequisites taken care of, login and do the following.....

sudo -i

ipkg-opt install rtorrent

plus install the 3 optional components. adduser, screens....

then, create an .rtorrent.rc file. i placed mine in my home directory. /var/home/s4mb4/.rtorrent.rc

here is the config file;

min_peers = 40

max_peers = 100

min_peers_seed = -1

max_peers_seed = 50

max_uploads = 15

download_rate = 0

upload_rate = 1

directory = /media/internal/ringtones/

session = /media/internal/ringtones/

schedule = watch_directory,10,10,load_start=/media/internal/ringtones/*.torrent

schedule = tied_directory,10,10,start_tied=/media/internal/ringtones/*.torrent

schedule = untied_directory,10,10,close_untied=/media/internal/ringtones/*.torrent

ip = my.dynamic.hostname

bind = my.dynamic.hostname

port_range = 6881-6900

check_hash = yes

use_udp_trackers = yes

start it up by running;

sudo -i

rtorrent -n -o import=/var/home/s4mb4/.rtorrent.rc

an alternative to issuing the command above is to link or copy the .rtorrent.rc file to the directory where you launch rtorrent from. Since after login and issuing the sudo -i command i always end up at;


i just did the following;

ln /var/home/s4mb4/.rctorrent.rc .rtorrent.rc

then just run the command;


more info on rtorrent and how to make it work is located here;