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Please note that this document is a description of the process, not a graphical design of the user interface for submissions to the Preware repository.

Please do me a favor and read all the way through once before commenting. Some required elements occur late in the process.

Preware Palm Pre Software Repository

The PreWare repository provides free hosting for applications for the Palm Pre. The applications are available for download and installation on the pre via a variety of routes including directly from the pre itself.

In order to be accepted into the PreWare repository your app must meet the following criteria: 
- You must be the author of the program, or have permission from the author to submit to preware. 
- It must be offered free of charge for download or for use.  PreWare does not accept apps which charge for download or for use.  It must be free as in beer.
- It must not be a time-limited test app.  This repository is not for demo versions. 
- It must be open-source.  You must license the application using one of the licenses listed below.

If you feel that your application meets these criteria, please click below to go to our submissions page.


If you want to submit an upgrade to your app, please go here: Link 

Submitting your application to Preware

☐ This program is my own work or I have permission from the author to post it.
☐ PreWare can keep this program up as long as they like.  I grant PreWare an inlimited license to host this app.
☐ There is no charge associated with the download or use of this program.
☐ This is not a time-limited demo program. 
I agree to release the program under the following license: 
  ☐ Public Domain -- no restrictions at all.
  ☐ GPL 3  -- ((click here for the text of the GPL3))
  ☐ GPL 2  -- ((click here for the text of the GPL3))
  ☐ MIT    --  (( Click here for the text of the MIT license))
  ☐ BSD
  ☐ someting else... --  (write them in)
☐  I understand that PreWare will enclose with the download 
    of the package containing my app, a copy of the license 
    document chosen above. 

What is your program's short name:  _______________________________  (no spaces, allowed characters [a-zA-Z0-9]) 

What is the program's domain: _________ [  ] I would like to use "org.preware"
(enter as com.xxxxxxx  or org.xxxxx   or net.xxxxx    or biz.xxxxx    If you do not own a domain you can use org.preware.)
(note that you must have the right to use this domain name.  Preware will reject apps labeled as com.palm or, or, etc)

Upload directly to preware.  Choose browse to select your file and press upload _______________________ Browse    UPLOAD

URL where more information about this program can be found (optional)  ________________________________

This could be a link to your blog, to a precentral thread about the program, or anywhere else where the program can be seen and or discussed.

Text description of the app. 

Your name ___________________________________

Your email ___________________________________

Note:  We will not post your ipk until you have responded to the email we will send you listing the details of this submission. 

What happens now

  • PreWare will test your IPK for proper construction.
  • PreWare will add a License text file to the IPK as chosen above.
  • Preware will send you an email detailing the transaction. If there are any problems with your submission, we will let you know.
  • When you respond to that email, a human will visually review your submission and we will add your ipk to our repository or let you know why not.

Thanks for choosing Preware for your hosting.

Upgrading an app in the PreWare repository:

Your email: ____________________________   [submit]

a) ====> No applications found for that email.

b) ====> here are the applications found for xxx@YYY.COM
  1) 1111   version 0.0.1
  2) 2222   version 1.1.3
  3) 33333  version 2.1.0

You can upload an upgrade to any of these.  Simply upload it now...

Upload to Preware:  ____________________________________  [browse]  [upload]

Results of upgrade upload

Thank you for submitting your upgrade. An email confirmation has been sent to you confirming this upgrade or explaining any problems we might have with it As usual it will have to be reviewed by a human before it goes live.

If the upload is ok

Email: Your submission of org.preware.mynewthing version 1.1.4 worked. If you were the one to submit it, and this wasn't a ruse of some sort, click this link to confirm your submission and post the update to human review.

If the upload fails testing

a) Invalid ipk b) Not a higher version number c) Somthing else went wrong

Human Review (Submission Process)

Administration Page

The following apps are ready to be checked on preware.

If you are an approver, and got to this page, you have the preware test-feed loader on your pre or on your emulator.

Please select each app on your pre or emulator and visually review it for appropriateness.

If it passes, select OK below. If you wish to reject, click a reason and optionally enter a message If you want to defer, do not click anything.

Accept  Reject                 App Name                 Other reason
        spam  not-free  other
☐      ☐    ☐         ☑     org.preware.battleship    Trademark violation
☐      ☐    ☐         ☐     com.boatrights.chess
☐      ☑    ☐         ☑     com.something.freeware    hidden child-porn page


Email Change Message

My email changed: Contact sysops @ to discuss the loss of your email account and how the link to your feed can be changed. (((It is usually better to do this before you lose the old email if possible.))