Pre 3 Impersonation

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This page is for anyone who wants to make a certain Pre 3 model impersonate some other Pre 3 model.

This was important before the doctor and OTA update of the AT&T Pre3 became available. Now it is not so important and is no longer recommended unless you have good reason to do so. Using an AT&T Pre3 (has 16 GB) in Europe (European Pre3 has 8 GB only) could be such a reason. Or you want your AT&T Pre3 speak German, Italian, or French.

If your Pre3 ever ends up with a 9.9.9 webOS version in your palm profile, you can also use this procedure to switch it back to a real version (make it impersonate the other type of device, and then switch it back again using the other script).

Note that the device continues to have the same cellular frequency bands, and continues to have the same amount of flash memory.

  1. Install "Show Properties" on your device (found in Preware) and email yourself the complete token set before you start.
    • This is your backup in case you make a mistake.
  2. Download and setup the webOS Metadoctor.
  3. In the terminal, type
    (to create an EU Pre 3 doctor for an AT&T Pre 3) or
    (to create an AT&T doctor for an EU Pre 3).

This is a one time processs only. If there is a need for re-doctoring, you have to create a new doctor file corresponding to the existing one. E. g. if you impersonated an AT&T Pre3 mimicking being a European wr model, you have to build a wr doctor for the next time. Otherwise the impersonation doctor will refuse to load.