Novacom on Windows

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Windows lacks an "xterm" program. So no full blown terminal program is available for windows to communicate with the Pre via novacom.

Never the less, Palm has provided all the tools you need to access the linux on your Pre from windows without any additional software. The only problem with it is, you only get a command line, you can't get a fully interactive terminal. So, the very first thing you're going to want to do is to install the "next steps" package so that you can log into your Pre with a terminal program.

  • Install the Palm Pre SDK accepting all defaults
  • Put the Pre in Dev mode. The Pre will reboot.
  • After the Pre reboots, connect the USB cable and select "Just Charge" when prompt.
  • Open a command session. You will be at some C:\> directory -- which one doesn't matter
  • type
cd \program files\palm\sdk\bin   
Your prompt will change to
C:\program files\palm\sdk\bin\>
  • Type
novacom -t open tty://
Your prompt will change to root@castle:/# ←[J

You are now at the Linux prompt on your Pre.