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After some talk in Precentral, some of us agreed that this easier setup should go on the wiki. This method will allow you to play Gameboy and NES roms on the Pre without knowing almost anything of Linux.

For the complete process go to GnuBoy setup and NES setup.

Getting Started

First of all, you'll need to install Nodoze and Terminal apps, available on Preware. Then go here and download WebOS Quick Install.


  1. Download this package
  2. Open the rar and you'll see 2 files: debiansmall.img and
  3. Unrar debiansmall.img to your Pre's USB Drive and to your desktop.
  4. Open WebOS Quick Install and send the to /var/home/root/ by selecting "Tools" "Send File"
  5. Open Nodoze and then Terminal app
  6. Type chmod 755 ./
  7. Type ./ in the terminal and press enter


First mount the debian image by going to Terminal app and type ./ and press enter.
Then, the easier way is to open WebOS Quick Install, select "Tools" "Send File" select your rom and send it to "Destination Folder": /media/cf/


  1. Everytime you want to play, activate Nodoze and open the terminal app.
  2. Type ./ and press enter.
    1. To play gameboy games type ./ romname.gbc OR, for playing with no sound, type ./ romname.gbc - Press enter.
    2. To play NES games type ./ romname.nes and press enter.

The default keys are:
Up- W
Down- S
Left- A
Right- D
B- J
A- K
Start- Enter

To quit press the orange key.


For those who are having sound problems, simply type inside the debian chroot:
apt-get install libsdl1.2debian-all
Press Enter

For more troubleshooting options, see the notes section in the GnuBoy and NES pages.


dudestatus, of course, and all the Precentral Forum guys.

Please feel free to get this tutorial better, this is my first wiki page,