Manually Remove Preware Feeds

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Special Note

You should not need to use these instructions under normal circumstances. Preware allows you to add, edit, and delete feeds via the "Manage Feeds" option in its application menu. These instructions should only be used in the event of difficulties using this functionality from within Preware.

Some versions of Preware will not delete a disabled feed. Before you try these steps, enable the feed(s) before deleting them.


Feed files are stored in '/media/cryptofs/apps/etc/ipkg'. We recommend you move the feed files you want to remove into an archive folder on /media/internal in case you change your mind. You can go back and physically remove them later.

In the example below, an archive directory is created and the "WebosTesting" feed is moved there:

root@palm-webos-device:/# cd /media/cryptofs/apps/etc/ipkg
root@palm-webos-device:/media/cryptofs/apps/etc/ipkg# ls
Alpha.conf.disabled                 palm-beta.conf.disabled             precentral-themes.conf.disabled
WebosTesting.conf.disabled          palm-catalog-updates.conf.disabled  precentral.conf
arch.conf                           palm-catalog.conf.disabled          prethemer.conf.disabled
optware.conf                        palm-web-updates.conf.disabled      webos-internals.conf
palm-beta-updates.conf.disabled     palm-web.conf.disabled              webos-patches.conf
root@palm-webos-device:/media/cryptofs/apps/etc/ipkg# mkdir /media/internal/feed-archive
root@palm-webos-device:/media/cryptofs/apps/etc/ipkg# mv WebosTesting.conf.disabled /media/internal/feed-archive/