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Welcome to the WebOS Internals wiki This site is for collecting information about the inner workings of webOS, which powers everybody (else)'s favorite smart phone, the Palm Pre. If you add information which you did not discover yourself, please try to give credit to the original researcher. Also, please do not add information that has not been confirmed. This is meant to be a collection of facts, and our site is growing quickly, so organization may sometimes be lacking.

Some of the pages on this site are also available in other languages: France.png Category:French Italy.png Category:Italian Germany.png Category:German Spain.png Category:Spanish China.png Category:Chinese

webOS 2 Upgrade webOS 2 Upgrade

How to upgrade your Pre or Pre+ to webOS 2.1.0.

Sprint Pre Plus Sprint Pre Plus

How to create a Sprint Pre Plus.

Sprint Pre 2 Sprint Pre 2

How to create a Sprint Pre 2.

Portal:Where to Get Started Getting Started

Various paths to start enhancing and understanding your Pre.

Portal:Linux_Applications Linux Apps & Tutorials

The entire catalog of Optware packages is available on the Pre.

Source Patches Source Patches

Get patches for Mojo apps to add functionality and expose hidden features.

Portal:Accessing Linux Accessing Linux

Get information on Accessing Linux.

Portal:webOS_Applications webOS Apps & Tutorials

Check out the homebrew apps made by our users and affiliates.

Portal:Hardware Hardware Information

Interested in the inner workings of the device. Check it out.

Portal:Tools Development Tools

Get information on toolchains, cross-compiling, kernels and more.

Portal:SDK SDK Documentation

Need help with something? Looking for a tutorial? Find it here.

Portal:Research Research & Reference

Bleeding edge research of the device, with reference links.

How To Recover Recovery

Borked your Pre? Find out how to restore the factory image.

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Help:Contents Wiki Help

Want to help out with the wiki, but don't know where to start.

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Portal:Community IRC

Join us in #webos-internals

The same rules apply as those on the wiki for discussion.

Code Repositories Code Repositories
Resources Resources

Want to find a community to join or help beyond what the wiki offers, find links here.

Featured Article

WebOS Internals Development Kit

Palm's binary sdk the "Plugin Developer Kit" will not be available until an unnannounced future time. In the mean time, WebOS Internals has released a full "WIDK" for you using Scratchbox2. We strongly urge the community to standardize on this WIDK until Palm releases theirs. Scratchbox 2 is a cross-compilation engine, it can be used to create a highly flexible SDK. As installed below, the install process uses a script which extracts the required Palm provided files from a copy of webos doctor, and downloads from other sources, and builds a complete compilation environment automatically which can compile SDL and openGLES apps for webOS.

Full article at: WebOS Internals PDK

Past and future featured articles

Featured Project


WebOS Internals has set up a dedicated team for:

  • System updates for legacy TouchPad devices using
the webOS Community Edition release.
  • Moving forward to well-documented mobile devices with
readily available hardware drivers using the Open webOS 1.0 release.

The team is called WebOS Ports (
and is led by Tom King (ka6sox).

More information: webOS-Ports,
IRC: Freenode:#webos-ports

Past and future featured projects


Enacting any set of instructions from this site has the (remote, but greater than zero) potential to void your warranty. Our intention and the specific design of all instructions is such that you should be able to recover using the webOS Doctor should anything go wrong, and put your Pre back to a state which is indistinguishable from a factory-new Pre, but we give no guarantee. Use any information from this site at your own risk. At the very least, you should be prepared to lose all data on your phone at any time. We cannot tell you what you should do - we provide the information, but it's up to your own sense of personal responsibility to determine what you do with that information. We require you to use the webOS Doctor to put your Pre back to factory condition before contacting Palm or your cellular carrier for service or support.

Note: The section called "Accessing Linux" used to be known as "Rooting your Pre".
See Accessing Linux != "rooting your Pre" for more details.