How To Build Xecutah

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How to build Xecutah

In general, if these instructions are too high-level for you, then you're not ready to be part of the development effort and should wait until we publish this stuff in the Preware testing feeds.

This page will not have step-by-step instructions or command lines that you can cut and paste. If you need that, you're not ready.


You must be running Ubuntu 11.04 on an x86 32-bit machine. 64-bit may work. Don't ask about Windows or OSX.

You need to install all the pre-requisites for the WIDK.

You need to install the Official Linux SDK .

Source code locations

Git clone preware/build.git at /srv/preware/build/

Git clone preware/cross-compile.git at /srv/preware/cross-compile/

Note that we're currently using the master branch in cross-compile. The x_restructure branch has been merged back into master.

Git clone applications/xecutah.git at /srv/applications/xecutah


make toolchain in build

make setup in cross-compile (you only need toolchain, rootfs and staging-armv7 to pass. staging-armv6 and staging-i686 may fail)

XServer and X Term

make stage package in cross-compile/packages/x/xserver-package

make stage package in cross-compile/packages/x/xterm-package

make stage in cross-compile/packages/x/synergy


make device package in /srv/applications/xecutah