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In general, most topics should link off of one of the existing portal pages. If you can't think of anywhere else, link it off the miscellaneous portal. Of course, to explore a topic in depth some pages will only be linked to parent pages. Be bold in your edits! This is still a new wiki we need all the content we can get. If you see something that needs editing, edit it. Don't ask for permission.

No Orphaned Pages

Please plan where your page will fit into the wiki. It is important that before or after your article is written the article is linked in one or multiple spots. Do not edit the page's link into other pages where it would be off topic.

General Naming Scheme

It is very important that you follow what is already in place. Pages are being renamed during the transition. You will find that most sections of the site are already planned out. If you have questions ask in IRC.


Ad-Hoc Networking

Words That do not need to be Capitalized

to be a

append the list for clarification

Characters That are Allowed But Don't Use

/ :

(the slash is used only for featured project/articles)


The portals act as a link gateway for the articles. Not all articles can use the general naming scheme so read below to make sure the article your writing doesn't get randomly moved.

Accessing Linux

Information about accessing Linux, tutorials, etc, go into this portal.

webOS Applications & Tutorials

This page is basically where all the tutorials and applications made by users will be placed.

Linux Applications & Tutorials

Applications being developed for the device, but directly for Linux should be placed here. Tutorials related to how to write applications should also be placed in the tutorial section of this portal.

Hardware Information

Information pertaining to hardware such as accelerometers will be listed here.

Research & Reference

Is there something cutting edge it should be written about here.


Remember how it was said earlier some pages do not seem to belong to a specific portal. This is where you will want to place those pages.

The Palm SDK & Documentation

WebOS-Internals version of the documentation for the SDK.


Any tools that are required for various work should be written about here.

Other Notes

Credit it always nice (but should be noted at the bottom of the page, not inline), but accuracy and information are even nicer.

If you get involved with someone where you keep changing things back and forth, please use the discussion page linked to each page to resolve it. Don't make the sysops do it. You won't like the results.

Thanks for showing up!

webOS Internals Team