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Feel free to PUT some in here, and someone else may answer them!!!

Can I Move a Article?

Of course you can, but make sure you're doing it for a valid reason (naming scheme, bad wording etc.) and that you fix all old links that went to said article. Make sure to place the old articles link into the Admin Changes article so that an admin can delete the old page node. If you do not place it there it may get cleaned up later, or work as a redirect.

I Want to Showcase an Application I Made

Yep, applications are separated into webOS applications and Linux applications. Then follow the steps on the page to add your application.

Can we get some kind of syntax highlighting for code blocks?

There is already syntax highlighting as described in the style guide.

Is there a portal yet for things like graphic libraries ie; Dialer Backgrounds, or Wallpapers?

If so, how/where is it, and how can I link Pre_Dialer_Backgrounds

to it? IF there is not, what is the best portal TO link that to?

Portal:Misc Would be the best location. Most of the wiki is for technical information. --Templarian 03:54, 6 September 2009 (UTC)