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Setting up DirectFB in Debian

1. Get into your Debian chroot: <source lang="bash"> apt-get install -y libdirectfb-1.0-0 libdirectfb-bin libdirectfb-extra cat > /etc/directfbrc mode=320x480 pixelformat=ARGB no-vt no-cursor bg-color=00000000 hardware

  1. Uncomment below line for the keyboard to work under DFBTerm -
  2. Should just make this default after testing to make sure it doesn't harm the DFB games...
  3. You can also do "dfbterm --size=50x30 --dfb:no-linux-input-grab" instead of putting it here.
  4. no-linux-input-grab
  1. Press Ctrl+D.


Credit: Palm TED MFT scripts.