Contacts Transfer (1.4.x to 2.x)

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This wiki is for those having trouble restoring their contacts back into 2.1 after creating a new palm profile. Just to make things short, 2.1 will not read 1.4.5’s .db3 file thereby making it impossible to restore your contacts. I would recommend you USE THIS GUIDE BEFORE YOU UPGRADE TO 2.1. This method does not restore your conversations and call history, only your contacts. Note this wiki may look a bit long, but if you have a good understanding of webos and your email provider, then this will be an easy task and can be done in under 5 minutes.


  • A computer with internet access.
  • A gmail account (Done have one? Get one at )
  • An email account already added into the contacts app
  • Webos 1.4.5 or lower
  • Preware
  • Send All Contacts Via Email patch


Before we get started, make sure you have met all requirements above.


  • 1) Install the Send All Contacts Via Email patch from Preware and reboot Luna.
  • 2) Launch Contacts app and tap on “Contacts “ in the upper left hand corner, then select “Send Contacts Via Email” When its finished preparing the vcf file, it will launch the Email app.
  • 3) In the “To” box, type in an email of your liking, just be sure you are able to access it on your computer to download the .vcf file. To make things easier, email the file your gmail account.
  • 4) A) Log into your Gmail account ( and select the email you just sent from your Pre.
    • B) Download the attached vcard.vcf file into a place you can find it. (Preferably, your desktop)
  • 5) A) Now on the upper left hand corner, Click on Contacts
    • B) Click “Import Contacts”
    • C) Click the Browse button and select where you downloaded the vcard.vcf to.
    • D) Click “Import” and finish up the import process and you should see your contacts on Google.
    • E) Sign out of Gmail
  • 6) Upgrade to 2.1.


  • 1) A) Launch Contacts app
    • B) Tap Preferences and Accounts
    • C) Add your G-Mail account
  • 2) Watch WebOS sync your account.

Please inform me if I am missing any steps or if you have any comments about this wiki. (My nick is dumbledore on #webos and #webos-internals)