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How-To change Just Type

First you must have the novacom drivers for pre 2(see here for doctor ).

Next, you need to novaterm in, there are two methods to do this, you can download novaterm, or use novacomd -t tty:// once there you need to cd to /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/resources and run ls. determine wich, if any is the correct folder for you. if you are in the USA you have to make a /en/us folder. in that folder make a strings.json using VI. vi strings.json if you made your own you have to put

{"Just type...": "Boom, action time!"}

or just the

"Just type...": "Boom, action time!"

then exit VI. reboot the device. you can change the "Boom, action time!" to anything you want.