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This patch to the webOS Browser will enable you to view all of your bookmarks on the home screen of the Browser, not just the first 12. Therefore, if you are like me and rely heavily on bookmarking pages, you will not have to go into the menu of the Browser, select Bookmarks, and then scroll to the one you want. Now, you will be able to load the Browser, and scroll through all of your bookmarks on the home page.

  • This requires Linux access on your Pre. To be able to do this, follow the Procedure here Once that is done, follow all of the Next Steps on the same page below the Procedure box. Alternatively, you can use the Linux Commandline under Tools in QuickInstall.

Patch Process

I created a patch to automate a large portion of this process, especially for those who are not comfortable accessing linux commandline on their phones. Please see my patch page at...Change-Number-of-Bookmarks.patch.

Instructions: These instructions are compatible with webOS 1.2.1 and 1.3.1 ONLY, as I have not tested them on any other version.

Log into your phone via SSH or Quick Install Linux Commandline.

sudo -i
//enter password to gain root permissions

cd /
//this changes the working directory to the root directory

mount -o remount,rw /
//this gives you read and write permissions to files on the phone

vi /usr/palm/applications/
//this opens (vi) the file startpage-assistant.js so that you can view the contents

Either type ':10' or scroll down until you find the line that states "this._maxShowCount = 12;"

Type 'i' to enter into write mode for the file you have opened. You should see a capital i (I) in the bottom left-hand corner. Now, modify the maxShowCount to whatever you want. I had 20 bookmarks, but used 48 as the max so I can add more bookmarks. You will be able to just scroll down on the home page of the Browser and see all of your bookmarks. My final line looked like this:

this._maxShowCount = 48;
//changes the maximum number of bookmarks shown on Browser home page to 48 instead of 12

To finish your session, hit ESC on your keyboard to exit write mode (the capital i (I) in the lower left hand corner will disappear and be replaced by a dash), and then type ':wq' to save the file that you have just modified. Then, to exit the linux commandline:

mount -o remount,ro /
//remounts the device as read only

stop LunaSysMgr && start LunaSysMgr
//restarts the Luna Service, meaning your phone will reboot without turning off completely

Now, when you open your browser, you should see all of the bookmarks that you have created instead of just the first 12!


--jmartino2011, 19-Nov-09