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Required/desired Input capabilities


  • Double-click
  • Right-click


  • Every printed key should 'just work', as much as possible
  • alphanumeric (a-z,A-Z,0-9)
  • Basic Symbols (shift+0-9)
  • Arrow keys
  • Tab
  • Escape
  • Control modifier (such that you can hit it with at least alpha)
  • Alt modifier (such that you can hit it with alphanumeric)
  • Shift modifier?
  • ...TODO

Options for Modifier Input

What options do we have for modifiers on the TouchPad virtual keyboard?

Do we need a "modifier / arrow keys" slice between the keyboard and the X display?

Encoding of Input

Ideally, we can encode all input (as it leaves Xsdl) the same way on _all_ devices. This means, for example, we only have exactly 1 XKB mapping.

What should this look like?

Device-specific discussion