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JsTop - Version: 0.2.7


JsTop is a Javascript Resource Aplication Monitor for WebOS. It monitors running webOS applications' memory usage, service usage, and total memory usage of the phone. Applications may be killed by swiping them away and out of the list.

Nodes refers to the number of DOM nodes an application has, roughly equal to it's memory usage on the phone.

Open Service Handles are the number of services the application is waiting on to return. This number can be equated to a rough estimate of CPU usage (though they often total > 100%).

To look at just a single app, tap on it. To go back to the full list, just swipe back.

To enable background auto GC, just select it in the menu. Notifications of this auto GC will happen by default, but can be turned off from the menu.

To see more information about an application, just double tap it, and a More Info box will appear with the application's URL and appId.

Note: If you see an application with "BORKED" as the name, look at the more info and send my the url and appId of this application at the jstop forum page

Applications with orange names are system applications like the phone, calendar, system ui, etc. Kill these at your own risk. (Phone for example takes > 1 minute to relaunch the phone app after killed).

(NOTE: Do not kill pid 100[67] Systemui unless you want to restart Luna!)

Old Info

Can't upgrade/delete version 0.0.1?

If you can't upgrade or delete version 0.0.1 of JsTop, this is due to a (since fixed) packaging error. To fix this, ssh or novaterm to your pre and run

mv /var/usr/palm/applications/biz.sketchyplace.jstop /var/usr/palm/applications/

Now you can upgrade/remove!