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AjaxTermMojo is a port of Ajaxterm to Mojo written by Quantsini. It is required that you install python and ajaxterm onto your pre before using the Mojo package.



  • Initial release with crude implementation of the javascript interface of ajaxterm


  • Implemented the enter key
  • removed some debugging messages

How to install

Assumptions are as follows:

  • Your pre has optware installed
  • Python is installed
  • gnutar (more commonly known as tar) is installed

For more information on how to get optware installed, or how to install these packages, check Portal:Accessing_Linux.

  1. Install Ajaxterm
    <source lang=bash>cd && wget http://antony.lesuisse.org/software/ajaxterm/files/Ajaxterm-0.10.tar.gz && /opt/bin/tar zxvf Ajaxterm-0.10.tar.gz && cd Ajaxterm-0.10</source>
  2. Make sure ajaxterm.py is running on your pre. It is important that you run ajaxterm.py as root
    <source lang=bash>sudo ./ajaxterm.py</source>
  3. Download and install the Mojo Package
    1. Use svn, or download the individual files from your web browser
    2. Use palm-package to package the project
    3. Use palm-install to install the project
  4. Open the Mojo package and you should be presented with a terminal shell with a login screen.

Note that "ajaxterm.py" does not run when the pre starts. Take measures to make sure it does



Known Issues

  • Really slow
  • No escape key, so if you use vi and are in a mode, you cannot escape

Things to do

  • Implement some way to use tabbing, control, alt, and other keys not currently possible on the pre