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A lot of pages are being moved around, if you moved your page please write the old name here.

List of Moved Pages where the Old Page needs to be Deleted

List pages that are no longer in use or due to a new patch have become useless

  • List here


  • List here

Articles for deletion

  • List here

Pages that cannot be deleted for various reasons

  • Contact - This page should be used for contacts of sysops do not delete

Admins - How To Delete a Page

Step 1

Click the Link Given.

Step 2

Click the redirect link (since it redirected you your not on the page you really want to delete). Make sure the address has a redirect no at the top.

Step 3

In the bottom left you will have a toolbox that says "What Links Here". Click that and correct any wrong links to the correct page.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1 and 2 and delete the page at the top with the "delete" tab.