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The page at:


Is written for (blah...) Ubuntu, there are some changes that need to be made to get this to work on Gentoo.


You need gcc 3.* for the qemu portions to compile. Gentoo defaults to gcc 4.*

 emerge sys-devel/gcc:3.4


You need to make sure kvm support is compiled in your kernel.

 Processor type and features  --->
  [*] Paravirtualized guest support  --->
   [ ]   VMI Guest support (DEPRECATED)
   [*]   KVM paravirtualized clock
   [*]   KVM Guest support
   [ ]   Lguest guest support
   -*-   Enable paravirtualization code
   [ ]     Paravirtualization layer for spinlocks


 [*] Virtualization  --->
  <M>   Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) support
   <M>     KVM for Intel processors support
   < >     KVM for AMD processors support
   <M>   Host kernel accelerator for virtio net (EXPERIMENTAL)
   <M>   Linux hypervisor example code
   <M>   PCI driver for virtio devices (EXPERIMENTAL)
   <M>   Virtio balloon driver (EXPERIMENTAL)


 emerge fakeroot scratchbox2 

(too be continued. making notes as I go)