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It seems the webOS Doctor at http://palm.cdnetworks.net/rom/pre_p100eww/webosdoctorp100ewwsprint.jar keeps changing.

Note that the webOS Doctor package comes with the following license:

RESTRICTIONS: The Software is licensed for use only with the single Palm device you originally purchased, and you may not distribute or make the Software available over a network or for use with multiple devices. The Software and supporting documentation may be copied only as necessary for backup or archive purposes in support of your use of the Software.

So we can't host different versions of it anywhere - the best we can do is record the md5sums of the versions we know about so that individuals can match this to the files they have for use with their Palm device.

Here is a list of the versions that we know about (with md5sums for each, and the date they were first spotted and recorded here):

4b3e396f8b1f1c5d3388e3c298af0484  webosdoctorp100ewwsprint-1.0.2.jar (10 June 2009)
0c8027b5a707eb0d02b1997d48021bd5  webosdoctorp100ewwsprint-1.0.3.jar (24 June 2009)  (changes in WebOS_Doctor_version_1.0.3)
32852c4b57d938e85f0fc819e57eacb7  webosdoctorp100ewwsprint-1.0.4.jar (9 July 2009) (changes in WebOS_Doctor_version_1.0.4)
fc602490fdd7b3be8c5f727349c6195f  webosdoctorp100ewwsprint-1.1.0.jar (24 July 2009) (changes in WebOS_Doctor_version_1.1.0)