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Here are instructions for speeding up your Pre Minus once you have installed WebOS 2.1. As Jon Rubenstein commented at the February 9th event, the Pre Minus simply does not have enough horsepower at stock to run WebOS 2.1 efficiently. Follow this guideline to overclock, patch, hack and modify WebOS so that it will run as fast and as smoothly as possible with WebOS 2.1.

I must note that while all of these steps do help significantly, you still will find the performance not perfect. The Pre Minus hardware is over 2 years old now. You simply can't get something from nothing. These steps help greatly, but do not expect a miracle.

Warnings and other preambles

While it is nearly impossible to brick your Pre, you are still modifying the device heavily with these steps. BACK YOUR DEVICE UP FIRST!!!! Back up apps with Save/Restore from Preware, and then copy the entire USB partition to your harddrive on a computer. You will be sorry if you don't.

Also: While patching does not void your warranty, overclocking does. One of these steps involves using a testing kernel feed, and the warnings for that are available on the page we will be referencing for it. Please read that warning. Ill summerise: It voids your warranty and there is a possibility that your phone will turn into a pile of liquid goo. Ok not really but it could break it. So far though I only know of one instance where overclocking destroyed a Pre.

Also these steps have been tried with WebOS 2.1 ONLY. If you attempt any of them with WebOS 1.4.5, do so at your own risk.


Before starting, please ensure of something:

1. Put your Pre into developer mode. In Just Type write: "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart". Open the Developer Mode app. Switch to 'ON'. Even if you do not use a computer once to perform these operations, you might brick WebOS and its essential you have developer mode on in order to change any files you messed up from a computer terminal.

The Steps to Speed Up the Pre Minus.

Step 1: Overclocking

One of the most important steps is to overclock the processor and RAM using Unixpsycho's F105 Kernel. This kernel allows you to overclock the CPU to 1ghz as well as overclock the RAM, which is essential as RAM is the biggest issue with WebOS 2.1. At rest on a Pre2, I have seen that WebOS 2.1 uses about 300mb of ram. The Palm Pre Minus only has 256mb, so we are already using up more than 100% of the RAM of the phone before we even open an app. We must speed up and manage RAM as best we can in order to have any hope of running WebOS 2.1 smoothly.

The best way to install this kernel is through Preware.

1. First follow the steps to add the testing kernel feeds in Preware here: | Kernel Testing feeds

2. Once you have installed the feeds, go to Preware and go to Available Packages > Kernel > All and install the "F105 Thunderchief" Kernel.

3. Install Govnah from Preware as well. This is used to modify and monitor the CPU speeds.

4. Restart

Your phone should now be overclocked to 1Ghz and your RAM overclocked as well.

Step 2: Installing Patches to speed up the phone

Patches are a great and easy way to speed up the Pre Minus. They easily modify the code in WebOS so that your phone runs faster or is more responsive due to several different reasons.

Here are the list of patches to install from Preware in order to speed up the Pre Minus: (They are found under Available Packages > Patches )

Faster Card Animations HYPER Version Smooth Scrolling Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness Remove Dropped Packet Logging Unset CFQ IO Scheduler Unthrottle Download Manager

DO NOT install "Muffle System Logging" patch as this WILL break WebOS from indexing your photos, and any photos you take or download will disappear from the Photos app.