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OK. Erased the previous page. Working on Komodo Edit install docs now. - Tim-

Brief Description

  • The Palm Development Kit (SDK) is a free download from Palm
  • Komodo Edit is a free cross-platform editor from AciveState
  • There is a Komodo webOS Add-on from Templarian to assist the Palm Pre development in this environment to make things easier.
  • The Kmoodo WebOS Add-on features:
    • quick project generation
    • One button packaging and testing of your projects to the Emulator for testing
      • as well as to the Pre
    • One button close and removal of projects from the Emulator
    • Integrates JSLint, the Beautifier, and much more!
    • Saves valuable time when developing your application for the Palm Pre WebOS.

Below are specific installation instructions for the Komodo webOS Add-on.

Add-On Prerequisites

  • The Virtual Box that comes with the SDK and emulator
  • The SDK (Palm SOftware Development Kit. - including the emulator.)
  • You need Komodo Edit v.5.1 - select "Try_It" to download it and install. (not covered here.)

Komodo WebOS Add-on Download

  • Middle-click this to open in new tab to Download the Komodo webOS Add-on from Templarian HERE.
    • This is the Add-on you'll need for Palm Pre development. Go to this page and view the link to the file.
  • Then, RIGHT click the link on his page to the .xpi file itself and do Save-As, save into a folder.

Komodo WebOS Add-on Install

  • Run Komodo first.
  • Then open the folder where you've saved the Add-On .xpi file
  • With both Komodo and the Folder open at the same time, drag-and-drop into Komodo, near the top to the right of Help.


  • You only need to do this once - future upgrades happen automatically


  • While the add-on has a lot of interesting features you will find they are all disabled when you first enter Komodo.
  • --------- add finished install screen shot here -------


  • Upgrades to this product are automatic on startup.