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OK. Erased the previous page. Working on Komodo Edit install docs now. - Tim-

Brief Description

  • Komodo Edit is a free cross-platform editor
  • There is a Komodo webOS Add-on from Templarian to assist the Palm Pre development in this environment to make things easier.
  • The Add-on features quick project generation, packaging and testing to the Emulator, as well as to the Pre, and integrates JSLint, the Beautifier, and much more to save you time when developing your application for the Palm Pre WebOS.

Below are specific installation instructions for the Komodo webOS Add-on.

Add-On Prerequisites

  • The Virtual Box that comes with the SDK and emulator
  • The SDK (Palm SOftware Development Kit. - including the emulator.)
  • You need Komodo Edit v.5.1 - select "Try_It" to download it and install. (not covered here.)

Komodo WebOS Add-on Download

Komodo WebOS Add-on Install

  • Run Komodo first.
  • Then open the folder where you've saved the Add-On .xpi file
  • With both Komodo and the Folder open at the same time, drag-and-drop into Komodo.
  • You only need to do this once - future upgrades happen automatically
  • --------- add screen shot here ----------------


  • While the add-on has a lot of interesting features you will find they are all disabled when you first enter Komodo.
  • --------- add finished install screen shot here -------


  • Upgrades to this product are automatic on startup.