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Pages I contributed to the community are linked here. I'm not a developer I'm a systems engineer, so these won't be apps or patches, just things of interest regarding access to the underlying Linux operating system, install documents and other Systems things of interest.

Things I think are Useful for me to have here

July 2009 the update for 1.1.0 came out on 24th Friday. I don't want it at first here is the way to block webOS updates:

cd /usr/bin
mount -o remount,rw /
chmod 664 UpdateDaemon
mount -o remount,ro /

Then, reboot (ORN+ shift +R)

To reverse the process use this;

chmod 775 UpdateDaemon

This makes it executable again as it was before, and then reboot (required.)

About Me

  • FreeTim - Well my name is Tim, I'm a computer Systems Engineer for a large company.
  • I'm a specialist in multiple disciplines such as SunOS, and MCSE+i, Linux, Apache, HPUX, cisco, etc.
  • I work near MIT, with a view of the banks of the Charles River in Boston.
  • I'm one of the founders of the WEBOSBOSTON community We have monthly meetings.
  • I ride MOTORCROSS on the weekends (one of the two days, during the season.)

You'll find me in the IRC chat rooms all day, every day.