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Before updating to a new version of webOS, it is very important to follow certain procedures. Here is an outline of the recommended way to update your webOS when you use Patches (and/or Themes) installed via Preware. Deviating from this procedure could cause unwanted results. If you have already updated webOS and did not remove your themes/patches, you will still need to follow these steps.
  1. Make sure you are running the latest versions of Preware and the Package Manager Service.
    If you are not, then go to http://install.preware.org/ and install them.
  2. Open Preware and select Installed Packages.
  3. Remove any Theme(s) you have installed. There SHOULD only be one...
  4. Go back to the main menu and select "List of Everything" and search for "Emergency".
  5. Update webOS. :) (If you have already updated, skip this step.)
  6. Fire up Preware and bring down the App Menu (top left corner).
  7. Select Update Feeds.
  8. All of your Patches should show as needing an update, tap Update All
  9. Reinstall theme if desired
  10. Thank the webOS-Internals group!

If you need any assistance, or just want to chat, download an IRC client and join us in #webos-internals on FreeNode.

For advanced users: You can dump a list of installed packages using the following technique. This assumes you already have shell access to your your Pre via novaterm or ssh.

  • 1. Ssh into your Pre (you do not need to adopt root privileges)
  • 2. Type (no quotes) "ipkg -o /var list_installed | grep patches". This will display the list of patches applied to your Pre. You can redirect this output to a file or copy-and-paste it from your shell window.

Special thanks to dbSooner on the #webos-internals IRC channel for proposing this method.