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Roam Control

Creating a "Roam Only" mode

By default, the Pre has no "Roam Only" mode. For fringe Sprint service areas, this can be very annoying, as the phone will tend to prefer a weak Sprint signal versus a strong Verizon/Other CDMA signal. We can enable this mode fairly easily.


SSH in to rooted Pre Mount filesystem as r/w, navigate to phoneprefs folder and create a backup of current preflist-assistant.js

mount -o remount,rw /
cd /usr/palm/applications/
cp preflist-assistant.js preflist-assistant.js.bak

Edit preflist-assistant.js

vi preflist-assistant.js

line 227 (WebOS 1.1 line 227), find:

{label : $L("Automatic"),value: "any"}
  • and replace with:
{label : $L("Automatic"),value: "any"},
{label : "Roam Only",value: "roamonly"}

line 1229-1234 (WebOS 1.1 lines 1229-1233) find:

		if(payload.extended.mode == 'any') {
			this.voiceRoamingModel.currentVoiceRoaming = "any";
  • and add below:
		else if(payload.extended.mode == 'roamonly') {
			this.voiceRoamingModel.currentVoiceRoaming = "roamonly";

Mount the filesystem as r/o, reboot the phone and, from the dialer, go to Preferences and test out your new mode!

mount -o remount,ro /