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Preview: [[Image:Pre-sidetilt.png]]
Preview: [[Image:Pre-sidetilt.png]]
=== [http://g.imagehost.org/dl/eaf15ffaf7e1fa9c87a2cbda79e5e2a1/0994/Touchstone.ico Touchstone]===
=== [http://g.imagehost.org/dl/eaf15ffaf7e1fa9c87a2cbda79e5e2a1/0994/Touchstone.ico Touchstone (click here to download)]===
Preview: [[Image:Pre-touchstone.png]]
Preview: [[Image:Pre-touchstone.png]]

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Post all of your custom/homemade images relating to the Pre here.

ultraBlack's Submissions




Preview: Tux-icons.png

Pre - Front

Preview: Pre-front.png

Pre - Side/Tilt

Preview: Pre-sidetilt.png

Touchstone (click here to download)

Preview: Pre-touchstone.png

JackieRipper's Submissions

Tux - got root?

Info: To use these for a boot screen, see Boot Themes.

Jackieripper-palm-logo.png Jackieripper-palm-logo-bright.png

pEEf's Submissions

Tux and Blue Glow

Info: To use these for a boot screen, see Boot Themes.

PEEf-palm-logo.png PEEf-palm-logo-bright.png

Templarian's Submissions

Palm Pre Icons (FamFamFam Silk Style)

Pre.png Pre add.png Pre cancel.png Pre delete.png Pre go.png

Pre tux.png (Added this one after with Tux)

anomoly's submissions

My New Dialer