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Revision as of 12:15, 2 August 2009 by Zinge (talk | contribs) (Added luna-send commands for keyboard and display brightness)
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Works with: 1.0.x, 1.1

Modifying Brightness Slider

Obviously this isn't too big a hack, and it honestly barely makes a difference, but people have complained about the lowest brightness being too bright.

As it turns out, the slider goes from 10-100 as the default. You can change this from 0-100 very easily, if you don't mind not having a keyboard backlight at the lowest settings. It is only slightly less bright than the original maximum, but it's such an easy change that people might want to do it anyway.


webOS 1.0.x: In line 27, change the 10 to 0.

webOS 1.1: In line 34, change the 10 to a 1 (or 0).

Suggested Future Mods

I don't know that it'll be possible, it seems to be only one system call, but it'd be great if someone could figure out how to separate screen brightness and keyboard backlight brightness.

Question: Any idea how to have screen brightness at 0 and still have the keyboard backlight on?

Possible Answer: It's possible to manually hit the keyboard LEDs at any brightness desired. The devices are:



Answer: Here are the luna-send lines to hit the keyboard and display brightnesses separately.

luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.power/backlight/set '{"keypad":{"brightness":10}}'

luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.power/backlight/set '{"display":{"brightness":10}}'

I made an app that functions like the screen brightness palm app, that allows these to be adjusted without shell access. I'll post a link as an example once I get dev access and have a thread in the homebrew forum for it. --Zinge 11:15, 2 August 2009 (UTC)