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The Pre has an autocorrect function. If you type 'u' in a text field, it will be replaced with 'you'.

The file that contains auto correction is:


There is an unused copy of the file at


PreCentral user dimfeld has created replacement autocorrect files based on the British National Corpus, the Google Corpus and a merger of the two. His files can be found here: [1].

In the PreCentral thread, dimfeld explains:

> I found that when typing on the Pre, most of my typing mistakes would come from pressing the key either to the left or the right of the correct key. Personally, I never have a problem with hitting the wrong row, so that makes things somewhat simpler. > I wrote a Python script to read in a word list file (I used a standard Mac OSX word list with contractions added) and generate all the possible single-letter mistakes from that file that could result from pressing the button to the left or right of the intended button. This script also reads in the Pre's autoreplace file, and it gives precedence to the corrections in there. To keep the output file to a reasonable size, I didn't do corrections for words more than 7 letters long. With this restriction, the file is 9MB, and with a max length of 9 letters, it's 27MB.

The 27 meg file was unusable. However, by dropping the file to 15,000 words, based on the sustainable english concept he was able to get the file size down to 1.2 meg. This seems to work.

You can review the PreCentral thread here: [2].

  • Credits: xorg, dimfeld