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This page is for info about changing the background of the Dialer Application and the Lock Screen.

It is still in development, so please correct any errors.

Editing the Dialer Screen

We can change that green background of the dialer screen pretty easily. We just need to change three files and reboot the Pre.

Since this is a simple change that several people may want to accomplish, I'm going to be very granular about how to perform this task.

This does require a rooted Pre as do most guides in this site. Please follow these steps first. Then open a SSH window to the Pre (either using "ssh -p 222 LOGIN_NAME@PALM_PRE_IP" or use a tool like PuTTY in Windows) You can find more information about this in the accessing linux page or by searching Google.

I started with a simple change because I don't have the Photoshop skills needed, I just made the current images black and white using Here are the steps I took:

Open the SSH session and we'll open this directory (cd - change directory) and look at it's contents (ls - listing).

cd /usr/palm/applications/

You'll see a long list of files that are in this directory, we'll only use three today, but more editing may come in the future. We'll backup the current image first incase we need to revert back to them (cp - copy).

cp backdrop-phone.png backdrop-phone.png.old
cp backdrop-phone-scroll-fade.png backdrop-phone-scroll-fade.png.old
cp list-section-line.png list-section-line.png.old

If we do another listing (ls) we'll see the three files we just copied to make backups.

Next we'll need to copy (cp) the files to the location of the USB drive so that we'll be able to edit these files:

cp /usr/palm/applications/ /media/internal/
cp /usr/palm/applications/ /media/internal/
cp /usr/palm/applications/ /media/internal/

Now click on the USB icon on the Pre's notification area, switch to USB Storage mode.

You can now copy the files off of the Pre and edit them any way you want, just make sure they have the same properties as the orig (transparency, size, file extention, etc). I didn't create these image below, they are just edited from the Palm Pre. You can use any 360 x 420 PNG to achieve these results.

Once they are edit to your liking, copy the files back to the Pre in USB mode with the same file name.

Eject your Pre from your computer, wait for Wifi to log back into your network, and SSH into the Pre again. Your old window probably timed out by now so you can close it.

Last step

Now we'll need to get the files (all 3 if you edited them) back to the correct location, so we'll use the copy (cp) command to do this.

cp /media/internal/backdrop-phone.png /usr/palm/applications/
cp /media/internal/backdrop-phone-scroll-fade.png /usr/palm/applications/
cp /media/internal/list-section-line.png /usr/palm/applications/

Once this is done exit the SSH session (type exit) and reboot the Pre from the Device Info menu. When it comes back up you should see your new background on the dialpad screen.

If you are going to use the files I edited you'll just need to copy them to the USB drive, and then complete the last step.

Here are my edits:


Two others for consistency:



Thanks to desairs at the PreCentral forums for pointing me in the correct direction.

If you want to use these modified images, you can download them directly to the directory and replace the files you backed up with cp.

wget -O /usr/palm/applications/
wget -O /usr/palm/applications/
wget -O /usr/palm/applications/

Then to reload you can try the following command instead of a reboot:

luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.appinstaller/rescan {}

Editing the Lock Screen

Changing the Lock Screen background is easy as well. In fact, the image resides in the same directory as the dialer's background.

The file that you'll want to edit is the backdrop-firstuse.png file.

Simply follow the directions above for copying the files out and back into the /usr/palm/applications/ folder, reboot and your lock screen background is changed.


Editing the "Enter Number or Name..." Text Color

It was driving me slightly crazy that there's a slight greenish tint to the writing above the dialpad.

Easy fix.

Open /usr/palm/applications/


 .text-input.hinttext { 
  color: #bcceb3;
  font-size: 16px;
  padding: 0 60px 0 40px;
  overflow: hidden;
  white-space: nowrap;
  text-overflow: ellipsis;


.text-input.hinttext { 
  color: #ffffff;
  font-size: 16px;
  padding: 0 60px 0 40px;
  overflow: hidden;
  white-space: nowrap;
  text-overflow: ellipsis;