Patch Messaging Change "Enter Key" To Create Newline

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I know a lot of people really like sending messages that are coherent, and a great way to do that is with the newline character. However, pressing the ENTER key in the messaging app sends a message, rather than typing a newline character. This page will show you how to (easily) change that action.


  • Rooted phone.


  1. Log in as root.
  2. Mount the file system as RW.
  3. Enter the /usr/palm/applications/ directory.
  4. Change compose-assistant.js (line 87) and chatview-assistant.js (line 100) and set enterSubmits to be false.
  5. Comment out the handleTextAreaKeyUp function in compose-assistant.js (lines 278 to 283) and chatview-assistant.js (lines 1678 to 1683).
  6. To actually display newlines in the chatview: In chatview-assistant.js, in the ChatviewAssisant::preFormatChatList method (around line 1220), locate the lines:
    <source lang="text">if(msg.messageText && !ChatFlags.isTransient(msg.flags)) {
    msg.messageText = msg.messageText.escapeHTML(); </source>
    and add the following just after:
    <source lang="text">msg.messageText = msg.messageText.replace(/\n/g,"
    "); </source>
  7. Mount the file system as RO.
  8. Reboot.

Post-Mod Screenshots

Messaging-newline1.jpg Messaging-newline2.jpg


  • I haven't put enough time into this yet to figure out how to get the chat history to actually //show// the newlines. I think somewhere it just converts them to spaces. I'll research this more and let you know. (I have actually confirmed from another phone that it does send out the newline characters). (see the discussion tab above for the solution)
  • When moving down a line, you can't get the first character to be lower-case.

Further Development

  • I'm sure this is quite simple, but as I said before, I haven't put too much time into this yet... It would be really nice if we could use a SHIFT+ENTER to type a newline, and only pressing ENTER would send the message as it does now. That way, everybody wins.


  • xluryan