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See [[global-search-addons-collection | all available 'universal search' images]].
See [[Global Search Addons Collection | all available 'universal search' images]].
And here is the end result!
And here is the end result!

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For this example I am going to add a reddit.com option to the global search. Feel free to use whatever site you want -- just make sure to change the names accordingly :)

NOTE Make sure you put all your addons BEFORE twitter, if they are after it will not work properly!!

0. Access Linux, then enable write access:

mount -o remount,rw /

1. Edit the following file: /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/app/controllers/global-search-assistant.js

Find this code and modify it as such (be sure to use the correct search link):

 this.URLs = {
                'reddit': $L("http://www.reddit.com/search?q="),
                'twitter': $L("http://search.twitter.com/search?q=")


Be sure to note the comma at the end of the line beginning with 'twitter'. URL codes for additional search engines found here.

2. In the same file -- you must also add "$('reddit').removeClassName('selected');" to this function:

 clearSearch: function() {
                if (this.delayShowAppsConatactsTimeout)
                this.currentFilter = "";
                this.searchExplicitlyExpanded = false;
                this.noMatches = false;
                this.webDrawer.showWeb =  false ;
                this.expandedSearchDrawer.showExpanded = false;
                if (this.controller.get('searchterm')) {
                this.gpsInfo = undefined;

3. Edit the following file: /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/app/views/global-search/expanded-searches-div.html

Modify the code to add a new div:

<div id='expanded_searches_drawer' x-mojo-element="Drawer">
        <div class="palm-row" id="google" name="search-identifier" x-mojo-tap-highlight="persistent">
                <div class="palm-row-wrapper">
                        <div class="search-google"></div>
        <div class="palm-row" id="map" name="search-identifier" x-mojo-tap-highlight="persistent">
                <div class="palm-row-wrapper">
                        <div class="search-maps"></div>
        <div class="palm-row" id="wikipedia" name="search-identifier" x-mojo-tap-highlight="persistent">
                <div class="palm-row-wrapper">
                        <div class="search-wikipedia"></div>
        <div class="palm-row" id="reddit" name="search-identifier" x-mojo-tap-highlight="persistent">
                <div class="palm-row-wrapper">
                        <div class="search-reddit"></div>
        <div class="palm-row" id="twitter" name="search-identifier" x-mojo-tap-highlight="persistent">
                <div class="palm-row-wrapper">
                        <div class="search-twitter"></div>
        <div id='web_drawer' x-mojo-element="Drawer">
                <div class="palm-row last" id="web" name="search-identifier" x-mojo-tap-highlight="persistent">
                        <div class="palm-row-wrapper">
                                <div class="title search-url truncating-text" id="webtext">#{filterText}</div>

4. Edit the following file: /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/stylesheets/global-search.css

Add the following class to the css file:

.palm-group.search .search-reddit {
                width: 100%;
                height: 52px;
                background: url(../images/search-reddit.png) center center no-repeat;

5. Finally, you need to create a png image (ideally 200x44, but any size up to 300x44 should work) with a transparent background and the logo of your choice. Add it to the path below making sure the name matches the css class, reboot, and enjoy! /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/images

6. Remount file system as read-only:

mount -o remount,ro /	

Here is the image I used:


See all available 'universal search' images.

And here is the end result!