Graphical Shell with WebShell

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Most people are reporting that ajaxphpterm works better than this method. You might want to try that one first ...

This article will allow you to use your web browser on your Pre for a terminal. You should have already rooted your Pre and installed an SSH server, enabled sudo and set up the optware repositories.

1. SSH into your Pre. 2. Download Webshell:


3. Install Python:

sudo /opt/bin/ipkg-opt install python

4. Extract the contents of


5. Generate a server certificate:

cd WebShell-0.9.6
sh ./

6. Move WebShell to /opt/share/webshell:

cd ..
sudo mv WebShell-0.9.6/ /opt/share/webshell

7. Create an upstart script "/etc/event.d/webos-webshell" with the following contents:

start on stopped finish
stop on runlevel [!2]

console none


exec /opt/bin/python /opt/share/webshell/ -c "/opt/bin/ssh -p 222 -l $USER localhost" --ssl-disable

where $USER is replaced by your user name.

8. Restart the Pre.

9. Open up your web browser and go to

10. Type in your password and you now have a shell. You can run any commands you want now directly on your phone.

Note If it looks like you are seeing a bunch of text flash at the top of the screen, rotate your phone into Landscape mode, hit the enter key a bunch of times. You will either be able to see the error and can fix it through your version of SSH or you will get a disconnection message. If you do get a disconnected message, hit Refresh and try to login. It should start working then.

Note Eventually there will be a way to disable the auto-text functions (automatic caps especially).

Verified to work as typed by optik678 and hopspitfire.