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I am a full time Systems Engineer, I've been in the computer field for 25 years. I was the Director of the Boston Commodore 64 User Group, back in... what was it, 1986? Electronic Technician before that... I've helped build missiles for Raytheon. I have Systems Admin training in SunOS from Sun Microsystems (Unix) and I'm a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE+i). Today I help keep WM and flash video, music and html content delivery systems running on various systems and networks.


The |Putty page is mine and I try to contribute to other wiki pages here and on IRC help out as best I can. I am not a JavaScript developer, but I know a lot of Linux and bash. I dabble in Pre development - my current project is making a tracking mapper for hikers, joggers, and motorcross riders.


To see what I'm working on now, see my Sandbox now in progress. Warning it's probably rough.


I am one of the three founders of the WebOSBoston Palm Pre User Group, which meets at nearby MIT. See for our next meeting date.


On the weekends I ride motorcross. Really, really hard and fast, with a group of friends.