Easter Eggs

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This is a research page to store all found Easter Eggs (secrets which enable fun or interesting things).

Enable Developer Mode

In universal search, type the Konami code: "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" (without quotes). This easter egg will let you turn on Developer Mode. You should now reset your Pre. Credit to dsevil for the find.

Devmode can also be enabled by typing "webos20090606" (without quotes)

Additionally, you can unhide the DeveloperMode Enabler by altering the visible attribute for it.

Clock Application

Alarm Interval Toggle

On the Clock Preferences screen, enter "sixtyten" (no quotes) to toggle 1 minute or 5 minute intervals for alarms. You will hear an alarm sound confirming the egg took effect. (WebOS 1.4.0)

Hide Alarm Dashboard

To hide alarm dashboard notifications, on the preferences screen, double click the orange key (to force all numbers) and enter ""4231" (no quotes). (WebOS 1.4.0)

Landscape Mode Email

Typing "RocknRollHax" in the accounts list window will cause the email app to go into 'free' orientation mode.