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Dropbox is a service that allows syncing files/folders across many computers. This is a way to sync a webOS device to Dropbox. This is not a native dropbox client. It connects to a Windows PC that has dropbox installed and syncs the files to that PC's dropbox folder.

How this method works

This uses Xorg Tools to setup the configuration and installs the following tools...

- Samba (filesharing)
- Optware (so that samba can be installed)
- Cron (for scheduling)

It uses existing 'rsync' to perform the dropbox syncing.


You need the following tools/knowledge to use this service...

- A dropbox account with client running on a Windows PC
- Need to know the IP address of the PC with dropbox client
- Helps to know how Windows print/filesharing works

How to install

- Install Xorg Tools

Details on what is setup

These are the configuration files involved if you want to make manual changes. /etc/fstab