Building Apps and Kernels

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If you are looking for instructions for building apps and kernels for WebOS, you have come to the right place. If you have not run through the WebOS Internals PDK wiki page, you should start there.


depending on what you're building you might need some of the prereq's from here.

Create the directory structure for the source:

sudo mkdir -p /srv/preware
cd /srv/preware
sudo chmod 777 .

Pull down the app source with git.

git clone git://

After you have the source, you need to build the toolchain — this can take some time or if you already have the toolchain installed, please see below

cd build
make toolchain

Please see the notes if you already have the correct toolchain installed and do not want to download it again.


Package up preware.

cd /srv/preware/build/apps/preware
make package


Package up UberKernel.

cd /srv/preware/build/kernels/uber-kernel-touchpad
make package

Testing your kernel you will find your kernel in


you can boot it using memboot. to do this do the following
1) turn off the touchpad
2) connect it to your machine
3) press the Volume Up key and power on the device, you should see a giant USB logo on the device
4) novacom boot mem:// < uImage


If you already have the correct version of the toolchain installed for the device you are targeting you can symlink it to the proper location (e.g. the touchpad needs the Sourcery G++ Lite 2009q1-203 toolchain).

If it is already installed you can symlink it into the build area:

cd toolchain/cs09q1armel
mkdir build
cd build
ln -s <location of toolchain> arm-2009q1