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wIRC - Version: Beta 0.1.0


Icon WebOSInternals wIRC.png

wIRC and wIRCd (its service)

wIRC is a Mojo IRC client. The WebOS-Internals team uses IRC as its primary communications channel, and Palm staff participate in IRC as well. wIRC provides a way for us to stay connected to the team while away from our desktops.

Note that wIRC is Beta 0.1.0 It is rapidly changing and subject to failure at any time.

Do not bet your life on this stuff.

On the other hand, it seems to work for us.

If you have reports about issues or bugs or wants or design please contact oil, PufftheMagic, or egaudet on irc in the #wirc or #webos-internals channel.


  • Nick Auto Complete:
    • After typing some of the nick, hold the gesture area, and press the orange button.
    • If not the right nick, keep holding the gesture area, and press the orange button again.

  • Supported Commands:
    • /away
    • /join, /j
    • /kick
    • /list
    • /me
    • /mode
    • /nick
    • /part, /leave
    • /query, /msg, /ns, /authserv
    • /quit
    • /topic
    • /whois
    • /notice
    • /raw, /quote
  • Unupported Commands:
    • /ping (this was supported but since we auto-ping the server for the lag-meter allowing manual pings is pointless, '/ctcp ping' will soon be supported however)

Changes in 0.1.0

  • New in 0.1.0:
    • Timestamp with Display Options
    • Lag Meter with Options
    • Clear Backlog Option
    • Numerous new event handlers (particularly kick/join)
    • /notice Support
  • Improved in 0.1.0:
    • Alert word improvements
    • Split Preferences Scene
    • Better disconnect/reconnect handling
    • Numerous UI improvements (Updated css, new and updated icons, etc)
    • Better network indicators
    • Saves the realServer (for instances where connects you to
    • QuakeNet and DALnet added to pre-defined servers.
    • Minor rewrite
  • Fixed in 0.1.0:
    • Fixed away/back in channel chat
    • Theme changes affect all open wIRC cards
    • Fixed Missing topic change notice when in a channel
    • Fixed "Connected!" issue
    • Max retries now functions properly
    • Fixed occassional app close bug
    • Better error handling
    • Fixed broken notices
    • Fixed disconnecting
  • Removed in 0.1.0:
    • /ping support


Come to #wirc on freenode for help, don't ask for help in #webos-internals

Please put any random observations, requests, issues etc... on the talk page: