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Tailor - Version: 0.3 (? January 2012)

Native GUI Partitioning and Filesystem Resizing Tool


Tailor (formerly Resizah) is an on-device live partition and filesystem editor for webOS.

Key features

  1. Unmount Partition
  2. Check Filesystem
  3. Repair Filesystem
  4. Corrupt Filesystem
  5. Resize Filesystem
  6. Resize Partition
  7. Mount Partition
  8. Create Partition
  9. Delete Partition


Tailor is available in the beta applications feed. Make sure you are willing to comply with the obligations associated with the beta testing feeds before using the instructions at to access those feeds.

Installing Tailor

Tailor is available in the beta-applications feed in Preware.



No known bugs.

Forum Thread

The official Tailor forum thread is at