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|name=Simple Big Book
|name=Simple Big Book
|version=Version: 1.2.3 - April 17, 2011
|version=Version: 1.2.19 - June 13, 2011

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Simple Big Book - Version: 1.2.19 - June 13, 2011




Simple Big Book is an application which presents you with the first edition of the A.A. Big Book originally printed in 1939. The code for this app was originally from Simple Bible. It was re-worked into Simple Big Book by Rick B and John K, but had become largely abandoned. It is being dusted off, getting issues fixed and having features added.

Key Features

Coming soon:

  • Bookmarks!


  • Complete main text of the A.A. Big Book (1st Edition), including some appendices.
  • Exhibition mode that cycles though sentences from the entire text (speed configurable in main app).
  • For webOS1.*, Exhibition is accessible in the app menu ("Quote Generator") so you can still experience it.
  • Full screen mode. Double-tap the screen to active/deactivate. There's a preference for the app starting full screen, too.
  • Day/Night mode (palm-light & palm-dark) for easy reading in darker situations. (Thank you yet again, Jev!).
  • Remembers the exact location in the book you were when you close it for easy resuming.
  • Search function that acts on the entire book in a configurable any/all/phrase fashion.
  • Text laid out in the fashion of the 4th edition (as best as possible).
  • Several external support and help links.


The git version is receiving continual updates as things are found to be wrong (typos in the text, etc.). Features will continue to be added as they are thought up and/or requested.

Currently, git is inline with release, feature wise.

Remaining Known Issues

While I've fixed a lot of the usage hindering issues, a couple still remain that I will fix once the basic framework of the app is solid, which is not far away.

  • The page fade scrim disappears sometimes. I really don't see why. I've verified a hundred times it is hitting that part of the code EVERY page load.
  • There's a fair amount of Mojo specific things. Two things here:
    • With Mojo dieing, any Mojo-isms need to have Enyo equivalents.
    • Bag Palm specific stuff (Mojo/Enyo) and move to straight HTML5/JS for use under whatever Palm does and portability to other mobile OS's.
  • The larger chapters take a short pause to load. There's a way with AJAX to load a single DIV, then load the rest of the surrounding text. This is (seemingly) easy to do, but it'll throw off the search function and things like that requiring a good bit of re-write. I need it to WORK first...


The official App Catalog Version can be found in the App Catalog on your device, or through this web page. The git version (raw source) can be downloaded by using git on your computer:

git clone git://git.webos-internals.org/applications/simplebigbook.git

And installing it with Preware by building an ipk and manually installing it on your device.


The original code as written by the Simple Bible folks and was/is licensed under the GPL. Simple Big Book is listed as GLPv3. I need to check with the Simple Bible people and see if that's accurate.


The first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous is in the public domain. This version contains the foreword, the Doctor's Opinion, the front sections, and Dr. Bob's story from the first edition. The page numbers in this version correspond to those in the third and fourth editions. The stories in the back of the third and fourth editions of Alcoholics Anonymous are copyright by the AA World Services Inc and by The AA Grapevine, Inc. AA has not given permission for the distribution of those stories in this form at this time.