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=== Known bugs ===
=== Known bugs ===
*Hostname doesnt resolve DNS correctly.  Use IP addresses where you can.
*Hostname input without command line is flakey if you type fast.  Take is slow
== Installing ==
== Installing ==

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sdlVNC - Version: 1.0.0
(1 Jan 2010)


A native VNC client for webOS. Can remote into a VNC server displaying as a native card.


Zonyl - initial application and fix for libSDL_vnc. zsoc - Various SDL support WebOS Internals - Packaging / hosting.


Initial implementation finished. Its good enough to connect to a local Xtightvncserver, from which you can run any native X11 application.


Licensed under the LGPL license.

Operating notes


./sdlvnc -server -port 5901


  • Does not zoom or pan currently to larger than 320x480 resoltions
  • Only gets hostname as a parameter (without command line)

Known bugs

  • Hostname doesnt resolve DNS correctly. Use IP addresses where you can.
  • Hostname input without command line is flakey if you type fast. Take is slow



  • Preware



sdlVNC is housed in the applications/sdlVNC git repository at http://git.webos-internals.org/

For commit permission to the open source project, contact rwhitby on #webos-internals or email [support@webos-internals.org]