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PPTP is a VPN protocol used on Windows workstations. For more information see Wikipedia page Wikipedia: PPTP

This tutorial describe howto connect your WebOS device to private network... For example, it can be use for access to internal tracking systems from your phone.

What you need before

  • WebOS 1.4.1 with kernel 2.6.24-palm-joplin-3430
  • Chrooted Debian
  • Some experience with Linux


All comands type in chrooted Debian environment.

  • Install pptp daemon

<source lang="bash"> apt-get install ppp apt-get install pptp-linux </source>

  • Write your client configuration to /etc/ppp/peers/myvpn (I use configuration generated by kvpnc application...)

For example:

<source lang="apache">

  1. name of tunnel, used to select lines in secrets files

remotename myvpn

  1. name of tunnel, used to name /var/run pid file

linkname myvpn

  1. name of tunnel, passed to ip-up scripts

ipparam myvpn

  1. data stream for pppd to use

pty "/usr/sbin/pptp --debug --loglevel 1 --nolaunchpppd"

  1. domain and username, used to select lines in secrets files

name "username"

  1. retrieve DNS from peer


  1. use MPPE encryption

require-mppe nomppe-stateful require-mppe-128

  1. we do not require the peer to authenticate itself


  1. enable debug


  1. we want to see what happen


  1. lock the device


  1. Use BSD compression

bsdcomp 9

  1. Use deflate method

deflate 9

  1. do not replace defaultroute


  1. userdefined MTU

mtu 1492

  1. userdefined MRU

mru 1492

  1. kernel level debug

kdebug 4

  1. refuse EAP

refuse-eap </source>

  • Download and unpack kernel modules and starting script

<source lang="bash"> wget zcat webos-vpnc.tar.gz | tar -xf - </source>

  • Edit your user name, password and vpn route rules in script ./vpnc/

Start VPN

  • Run script...

<source lang="bash"> cd vpnc ./ </source>


Module ppp_mppe (Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption support) is experimental in version 2.6.24!